JAM World Record 2015

Remember the other day when I told you about Global School Play Day? It was SO great and I’m so glad we participated.  Well, a few days later, I saw another tweet (I think someone actually sent it to me knowing I’d be game!) about the JAM World Record.   And yep, I was indeed game.  We love to move and groove, and who doesn’t want to break a world record with a million-and-a-half of their closest friends? 🙂  We joined in today and it was such a great time!

We voted and decided to follow the routine they provided on the website, rather than go to our beloved GoNoodle for movement.  The routine was kind of hard, but we were gritty and moved, moved, moved for our participation in the world record.

Yay! Rm. 202 is moving and shaking through 2015!  Did you participate?  We’d love to hear about your JAM day!

2 thoughts on “JAM World Record 2015

  1. Dear Room 202,
    You have some great dancers in your room! Maybe you can teach us to do a little dancing one day. We would love to do some moving and grooving next door too. Thanks for being such a positive inspiration for us.
    Your friend,
    Ms. Turken

    • Ms. Turken,

      Thanks for reading our blog, and for leaving us a comment! We love to do things with your class, and think that your kiddos are super hard-working kiddos. Do you know about Pop See Ko? We did it with Ms. Lewis’ class the other day and it was SUPER fun. We could teach you, too. It’s from GoNoodle, so you could watch it there, if you wanted to, as well. Talk to you soon!

      Mrs. Bearden

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