First Grade Bloggers!–Part 2

I started our blogging story yesterday, with how I introduced the whole idea to my first graders.  Like I mentioned, they’re pros already!!

After we made our paper blogs, we were ready to talk about comments, and how the whole point of a blog in the first place is the conversation it starts.  We talked generally about how to comment, and then studied this document, another great resource I got from @mcteach.  It’s called the “Art and Aspirations of a Commenter,” and while I had to paraphrase much of it for 6-7yos, the idea still applies:

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 6.54.11 PMWe discussed what the parts of a comment were supposed to be, and then tried it on each others’ blogs.  Much like we do when we have a gallery walk in math or a writing celebration in writing, everyone laid out their blogs and kids read and wrote: one comment on each post-it, then post-its on paper posts.  Check out this amazing video to show how quiet and focused everyone was during this time.  Seriously.   Believe me.  It’s good stuff.

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So after that experience, our paper blogs looked like this:

These kids are picking up this whole blogging thing so fast and furiously!  Can’t wait to share the next step!  🙂