First Grade Math Warm-Ups: Week of February 17-20, 2015

I feel like I keep saying how short the weeks are lately, but hey, I’ll say it again–this week was another short one, where I only have a few warm-ups to share.  They were particularly good ones (in my opinion, of course!) because they really got my kiddos thinking about strategies.  We’re still working on addition, but the focus has now shifted a bit to choosing the strategy most appropriate to the numbers–not just the strategy that is your favorite one.  Compensation was a particular one we worked on over the last few days.


CAM01613Ok, so I misspoke a little bit–we’re mainly focusing on addition, but continuing to tie our work to subtraction, so that kiddos can see the connections.  This one was also meant to introduce them to the word DIFFERENCE (we did SUM last week).


CAM01642We’ve been working on flexibility, too, although for most kiddos, one strategy is as far as they’ve gotten so far.


CAM01643While they only have to add within 100, there are many who are ready to apply their strategies to bigger numbers.  This one gave them the chance to try it out!



I mentioned choosing the strategy for the numbers, and this one was made for using compensation (making one number a “friendly” one–like a 10–so that it’s easier to answer.  Usually you can use mental math.)!  And can you tell I got a new box of markers in the mail this week?  🙂

Also, I’ve been toying the idea of finally moving my warm-ups to Padlet, as we all have iPads now.   I’ve always valued the way we can save the post-its and charts by doing it this way, and refer to the problems again if we need to, but I might be rethinking my previous choice.  With 1st graders, I wonder if less “stuff” around might be a better way to go.  We could still refer, and it might be easier to share with others.  Any ideas, friendly blog readers? 🙂

Jokes of the Day–Week of February 17-20, 2015

This week is another short one, but started out with a funny joke nonetheless!  I even have an extra one that was featured on our schoolwide news broadcast today.  I don’t know who to credit it to besides the super cute 5th graders who present the news–feel free to share if you know the source!


1st grade joke: Why is Peter Pan always flying? He Neverlands!

KROB news joke: Knock, knock. Who’s there? Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln who? What?? You don’t know who who Abraham Lincoln is?


Which state serves the smallest drinks?

Mini-soda! (Get it? Minnesota?)


How do you make an egg laugh?

Tell it a yolk!


Why did Saturn go to the jewelry store?

To buy a new ring!

(This joke came to me via Jacob, who got it from a Magic School Bus book he was reading yesterday.  It was a hit! Thanks for sharing, kiddo!)