Readers Gonna Read

In my classroom (and to a large extent in my life), reading is a HUGE part of all that we do!  While it’s a subject in itself, reading is woven into every subject, as well.

As I mention in my Welcome to First Grade, Friends post, the love of reading is one of the things that I believe to be paramount for both success in school and in life.  Therefore, one of the goals I have in working with every reader in my class is to help them not only learn how to read (using a variety of methods, tools and strategies), but to find just the right book to spark a love of reading.  It is crucial that they see reading as a life thing–not a school thing.  Make sense?

One way that this is happening in our class this year is by our participation in the Global Read Aloud (which takes places in October and November), as well as with our #classroombookaday challenge.  Through this challenge, our class is sharing many, many picture books (sometimes up to 5 each day!) about a variety of topics and by a number of authors.  We’re learning that reading is fun, that it addresses feelings, that we can learn something from books, and that reading is connected to writing!  The #classroombookaday challenge has sparked a new excitement for literature that is contagious and quickly spreading!

Additionally, kiddos in Rm. 202 will read every day, as well as respond to literature in a variety of ways.  CHOICE is of huge importance in our classroom, and kiddos have final say over what they put in their book box.  We talk about smart ways to choose a book, and I will offer help and suggestions, but ultimately I am interested in what kids are interested in reading!  Every school day students will have opportunities to read-to-self, read-to-someone, listen-to-reading, write about reading and work with words.  We will read together and talk about what we read, as well as meet in small groups and talk together in 1-on-1 conferences. I believe reading is making meaning, and my job is help kiddos do just that! 🙂

So, I ask, dear friends–help me in my mission and show your children all they ways that YOU are a reader!  Read with them, in front of them, next to them, to them.  Just read!  Thanks in advance for all the impact those things will make for today and tomorrow! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Readers Gonna Read

    • Wow, Joe…that’s hard to say. I have a hard time saying my favorite anything. I have some ones I really like from when I was younger, but I they’re not action movies. I love Disney’s Aladdin, because Mr. Bearden and I saw it on our first date (a REALLY long time ago!). I also love While You Were Sleeping. Have you ever heard of that one? And I’ve seen so many action movies that I’m not really sure which is my favorite.

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