Rock, Tree, House

We tried out a new brain break the other day when we needed to move our bodies. I think kiddos enjoyed it. See if you can figure out the directions. 🙂

Did you figure it out? (Or did I repeat them in the video? LOL) In case you didn’t, it’s an easy “game” where you just walk around until I say “Rock, Tree, House” and then you find a small group and you have to represent each part with your bodies. Easy peasy, fun to do, and got us moving!

Which would you choose? Rock, tree or house? 🙂

JAM World Record 2015

Remember the other day when I told you about Global School Play Day? It was SO great and I’m so glad we participated.  Well, a few days later, I saw another tweet (I think someone actually sent it to me knowing I’d be game!) about the JAM World Record.   And yep, I was indeed game.  We love to move and groove, and who doesn’t want to break a world record with a million-and-a-half of their closest friends? 🙂  We joined in today and it was such a great time!

We voted and decided to follow the routine they provided on the website, rather than go to our beloved GoNoodle for movement.  The routine was kind of hard, but we were gritty and moved, moved, moved for our participation in the world record.

Yay! Rm. 202 is moving and shaking through 2015!  Did you participate?  We’d love to hear about your JAM day!

Brain Breaks Rock!

I have posted already about how we’re movers and shakers in Rm. 202, and we are learning how to control our bodies.  We’re learning how to figure out what we need to be good listeners and thinkers.   So in order to do that, we’re taking short breaks to recharge our brains and use our energy in a positive way.

Here are some breaks we’ve been using (thanks Mrs. Morgan for sharing this one!):

We really like #3.  Excited to try #1, too!  Well, really they all look good. :)

We really like #3. Excited to try #1, too! Well, really they all look good. 🙂

Earlier this week, Mrs. Raeber (Nate’s mom) shared another site with brain breaks, too (from a blog called Minds in Bloom), so we’ve tried some of those out as well.  She reminded me that we already do dance party and today we played Find it Fast, where kiddos have to find something around the room that is a certain color.

ANOTHER resource (wow–I’ve got a lot of smart people sharing smart things with me lately!) came from Mrs. Appelbaum (remember how she also shared her book David’s Drawings with us?  Genius!):   I think this is probably our favorite one.  It’s really just a collection of short videos that you can watch that help lead you through an activity–some are fast and crazy (like Run Like Kitty where you really just run in place for 2 minutes really fast!) and many are more like yoga, where a funny monkey-man named Maximo (who has an AWESOME accent) helps you move your body in a more controlled way.


I’m pretty sure we did this silly one in the morning after we had done some heavy-duty thinking with Mrs. Berger. It’s called The Funky Chicken.

A little later in the morning--again when we'd been sitting for a while--we chose to do this one where Maximo lead us through "Surfer Dude."

A little later in the morning–again when we’d been sitting for a while–we chose to do this one where Maximo lead us through “Surfer Dude.”

I’m loving the difference I can see in their ability to concentrate and think (not just sit still) after they’ve moved a bit.  I think perhaps the perfect example from today of our movement breaks working well for a learner came when a little friend was asked to play a math game and was instead bouncing around the floor.  Earlier this week I put window clings up near our trampoline (sorry, I forgot to take a picture!) that have numbers 1-10, with the intent that kiddos could bounce and tap or count or whatnot with them as they were moving.  I sent my friend to the trampoline and asked her to bounce to 20 (which was the topic of the game she was trying to play) and tap the pictures as she did it.  She wasn’t over there long, but after her 20 bounces, she was much calmer and played the rest of her game in such a focused way!  YAY! 🙂

I’m excited to continue to try new things, and celebrate how they help my friends become better learners.  It’s really so rewarding when you can help a kiddo figure out how to be the best version of themselves–we’re getting there!

Teachers: How do you use brain breaks in your classroom?  Parents: What are your kiddos saying about our movement breaks?  Share your stories!! 🙂