Jokes of the Day–Week of February 9-13, 2015

Ok, so this may not end up being a weekly thing like math warm-ups, and it might not be anything that people even want to read, but for those that do–here you go! Last week I FINALLY got to participate in #1stchat on Twitter.  I have wanted to “attend” all year, but the timing had proven to be a really hard one for me to be at my computer (it’s 7 CT on Sunday nights–bedtime!!).  For whatever reason, it worked out for me and boy was I SUPER excited to have been able to learn and grow with my #1stchat friends!  The topics were many, but one theme that came up was Morning Meeting and how we use this tool to set the stage for a positive learning day.  One thing I shared was the in our class we do a joke of the day.  It is just a part of the morning welcome screen I have up on the ActivBoard when my firsties come in, and has easily become part of the routine.

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 4.33.47 PM(the punchline is under that rectangle and so I just move it when we’re ready to see the answer!)

I started this earlier this fall after reading much about how important laughter and joy are in the classroom.  I was working on my school improvement project to complete my Masters’ program; the theme was encouraging grit, perseverance and engagement in the classroom.  We’ve found that starting with a good laugh (and then continuing that on throughout the day) is good medicine for all!  So…since many seemed interested in the idea, I figured I’d share what we’re doing in Rm. 202, hoping it would help someone else!  Whether you start this in your classroom–or your house, for that matter!–or not, I appreciate your reading my journey. 🙂

Before I even start, I feel like I should say that most of these jokes are not new, nor or they necessarily funny (I teach 1st graders, remember–their humor is different than most!).  I get most of my jokes from, which is a huge database of kid-friendly riddles, knock-knock jokes and other funny things, but also so from my own kids (who are 4 and 7), or from books we’re reading (and since I started writing this post, I’ve gotten a tip to try out Ellen’s classic jokes–thanks for the recommendation, @amerced!).  I am not, nor will I ever be, funny enough to write any of my own. I’ll leave that job to someone more qualified than I!


What does a teddy bear eat?

Nothing! It’s already stuffed! 

(this one is courtesy of my daughter, Allison–she learned it at school and thinks it’s SUPER funny!!)


What goes up when the rain comes down?


(I have seen this one on jokesbykids, but also from Allie’s school.  Just for the record, my friends DID NOT think this was funny!  Their answers were much better, like FLOODS and RAINBOWS!  So, buyer beware–might not be 1st grade worthy material. LOL)


What’s brown, hairy and wears sunglasses?

A coconut on vacation!

(had to try out the Ellen tip–that’s a pretty good one for kids, I’d say!  Well, except that half of them said, “That’s not funny…”  Tough crowd.  We had a conversation about opinions and how jokes are subjective.)


What’s a frog’s favorite soda?


(ok…so I had to explain this one, too!  Man, I guess I need to get better at my joke choices.)

Do you have a funny joke to share with my students?  Perhaps if I used more that were FROM kids, the kids in Rm. 202 would think there were funnier (because apparently the adults who write jokes have no senses of humor)….I’ll keep trying either way. 🙂

We were out of school for a PD day on Friday, so this week there were only 4 jokes.  I’m really loving the ones from Ellen.  There are about 250 of them on there, so it looks like I have at least 2 school years’ worth to work through!  Happy joke telling! 🙂

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