First Grade Math-Warm Ups: Week of April 20-23, 2015

This was a short week with only 4 school days anyhow, and I was gone for one of those, so only 2 warm-ups this week, friends.  Still working on data collection….


The warm-up for this morning directly tied to our work in Math, as it was the basis for a formative assessment.  We had been working on collecting, organizing and analyzing data for many days in whole group and partner situations, and it was time to try it on their own.  It’s hard to see, but there are names signed on each side of the t-chart.  We skipped the post-its on this day to make sure the data didn’t change before we could analyze it (we do this EARLY in the day and hours pass before we talk about it).

IMG_4469Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Ok, so we really didn’t spend 3 days doing this one, but with a strange week, we did it on Tuesday morning, but didn’t have a chance to discuss it until Thursday afternoon.  The conversation we had around the analysis is documented on the sheet; the post-its were how we “voted.”  This is good stuff here. 🙂


Pictures of the Day–April 23, 2015

What a great day back with my friends in Rm. 202!  Besides being a BEAUTIFUL Thursday, we also enjoyed another Walker’s Club day, as well as A.C.E.S. Day, which is a Robinson favorite every Spring.  A.C.E.S. stands for All Children Exercising Simultaneously, and I found out today it’s a 15 year tradition at our school (which is actually almost as long as I’ve been teaching there–I hadn’t realized it started at the same time!).  Here’s a pic from our fun today:


Ok, so to be fair, it’s not actually from our festivities, but is inspired by them. Sara got to participate in Mrs. Clark’s A.C.E.S. Day routine to the song “Jump” and got some pretty great glasses as a result. Awesome, right? 🙂

For more on how Robinson can shake their booties, have a lot of fun and be healthy, check out teh link to our Facebook page here.  There’s a video and a TON of pictures to enjoy!  I was too busy moving and grooving I didn’t get ANYTHING to share.  Unbelieveable, right?  Luckily pretty much EVERYONE else had a phone or a camera. 🙂

I have one more picture, and I guess actually it’s more a number than a picture, but it’s this:

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.01.50 PM

That’s our new Walker’s Club total for the April Competition.  I’m amazed and impressed with our steady work towards a goal of winning recess and popsicles (plus having fun and getting healthy!)!  Keep it up, Rm. 202 kids!