Picture of the Day: April 29, 2015

If you are a friend in Rm. 202, this picture needs no explanation.  But, since most of you have not been spending your weekdays from 8:30-3:40 with a room full of 1st graders, I’ll let you know what this pic is so wonderful.  But first I’ll show it to you. 🙂

Our brave friend, Diego, broke his arm on Monday. 😦  He was gone recovering yesterday and WE MISSED HIM SO MUCH!!  It was so special when he returned today and the class was so happy to see him.  Then it got even better when this afternoon we were talking about our roses, buds and thorns for the day, and most everyone’s rose (their favorite thing from the day) was that their friend was back and that they knew he was ok. 🙂  I was also super impressed when, after receiving a big ‘ole pile of get-well-soon cards from us, Diego asked for everyone’s attention so he could say thank you to them all for being so kind to him (used the microphone and the official attention-getting signal and everything!).  I am not kidding when I tell you I have the BEST CLASS IN THE WHOLE, WIDE WORLD!! 🙂

Pictures of the Day: April 28, 2015

Ok, I feel like I should give a warning before I start this one: this post will be a little bit indulgent.  And it will explain why I couldn’t post this update last night.  Here. Maybe this will help:

It’s been a long time coming, but I graduated with my Masters of Science in Education. The focus was on Curriculum and Instruction.  While in some ways I wish I could have finished this long ago, I am actually super excited that my kids and hubby got to share the night with me.  He shared the whole program with me, too, he’ll have his own graduation night later on. 🙂

Wish I could have gotten a better picture of me with this super smart guy (that’s a LONG story I won’t bother you with), but I had to post it anyway, because it means so much to me. This is my baby brother, who is in most ways smarter and wiser than me. I love that he’s proud of me, though, and that he was there to share this important night with me. LOVE YOU, CHUCK!!  

What important life event in 2015 isn’t documented with a selife? Pretty sure they all are. So we had to do the same. There is something that I LOVE about this picture. Mostly the people in it, but also because we are all so happy, and also just the fact that it’s a little off-center (because I probably am a little like that, too). 🙂

Picture (and Video!) of the Day: April 27, 2015

Welcome to a new week!  Let’s get started with some super pictures.  This week’s gonna be a good one. 🙂

IMG_4474We have been working on a design challenge in science lately (more later!), and this picture is of some friends working on it.  Even better, it’s a picture of first graders independently documenting their learning with videos explaining how their design works.  Amazing.  It’s cool when 5th graders do it, but when you’re 6 and 7YO and you can do that, somehow it seems better.  And now that we’re all 1:1 in KSD, it’ll continue to happen over and over.  What will these friends look like with tech and learning when they’re in 5th grade?  I’m excited to find out!

Here’s a video of this same work:

Can’t wait to share more!  Have a great week, friends!