Pictures of the Day: April 21, 2015

Have you seen this feature yet?  I was TOTALLY into last week, but so far this week I keep forgetting I am supposed to post a picture.  That’s what I get for trying to go all in.  Oh well, here are a couple of pictures that tell today’s story:


This pic kind of tells it all about what happened today: we worked for a long time on a design challenge, which started with solving a problem about how to organize the materials. We solve lots of problems together in Rm. 202, and often it happens on that red rug. 🙂


More of our wonderful mess! And I wasn’t going to post this HORRIBLE picture of me, but it tells one more part of today’s story: I ran 5 laps for Rm. 202 in Walker’s Club today (hence my rolled up jeans because I was so hot!). Everyone did a CRAZY GOOD job today with racking up lots of miles for our team. 🙂


One more: I couldn’t NOT share this pic of C.J.’s huge smile as he got started on designing something to help take care of his baby meerkat. Love it!