First Grade Math-Warm Ups: Week of February 2-6, 2015

Seems like I am always giving a reason for why our week was crazy.  This week was the same way!  Wednesday we participated in Global School Play Day, so didn’t have math, and yesterday my 3-times-longer-than-usual commute (because of snow and ice on the road) meant that I didn’t get to school in time to write one, and then add in our first day with our iPad Minis yesterday as well and VOILA, you’ve got crazy!  See what I mean?  But hey, there were 3 warm-ups this week, so here we go!


It only seemed right to have a Super Bowl themed warm-up the morning after the big game!  Still working on adding 2-digit numbers efficiently with this one. 🙂



The problem yesterday actually brought up a great (but unexpected question) as a friend only read the first sentence and then assumed she knew what it was asking.  She thought that it was asking her to SUBTRACT the numbers because she figured the last part asked by how many points the Patriots had won.  We were able to talk about how important reading the whole problem was, as well as how different bits of information can produce many different kinds of problems depending on the questions you ask.  They’re not quite ready to think this way yet, but I gave them a challenging warm-up on Tuesday asking them to think about the questions they could ask (oh, and thanks for not commenting on the ages mentioned in this problem–thankfully no one said anything about how OLD Mrs. Bearden is!!).


You’ll notice that this one doesn’t have any post-its on it.  I was actually home with a sick little girl on Friday, but snapped a picture as I put it up to leave for the sub to talk through with my friends.  This one was based on both our 2-digit addition work and a conversation we were having the other day about how many 1st graders there are.  How would you solve it?  What model would you use to record your thinking?


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