First Grade Math Warm-Ups: Week of January 26-30, 2015

This week was CRAZY busy, so only 4 warm-ups–you know how you have those weeks where NOTHING happens and those where EVERYTHING happens at once?  This was one of the latter.  🙂


This past weekend, so many people checked out our blog, and it got me thinking about how I could use the scenario in our warm-ups.  The numbers were bigger than in the problem, but I knew I could tweak them to get my kids working with adding 2-digit numbers.  The idea of adding 3 of them is beyond the benchmark for what they’re asked to do this quarter, but I was pretty sure most of them could do it anyway (and it would be a motivating challenge for those that weren’t quite there yet!).  Most of them quickly saw the way they could break the numbers apart by place value and combine those parts back together to find the answer.


This warm-up is related to the day before, and planned so that kids might see the ability to use the counting on strategy to solve it.  We’ve been practicing counting on by 10s, and many used that idea to help get to the solution of 219.  We recently started looking at the pattern of how the numbers work when you go past 100, so this one asks them to do that.


Happy 100th Day!  This one probably explains itself….


We actually didn’t get to talk about the warm-up from Wednesday until the next day because our 100th Day Blog Challenge kept us so busy!  So Thursday had no new warm-up, but here’s the problem from Friday morning.   The numbers are easier than the ones from earlier in the week, but the focus with this one was to get kids to think about HOW they were showing their thinking so others could understand.

CAM01465Happy problem solving!  Please let us know how it goes if you try some of these in your class! 🙂

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