Global Read Aloud Week 3: The Reader

This week was the half-way point of the Global Read Aloud.  We have so enjoyed the texts we’ve read so far, and this week’s book was no different.  Lauren Castillo has become a new friend to all of Rm. 202 kiddos and we enjoyed interacting with another of her great books: The Reader.


As we read this beautiful story of a boy, his dog, a cold, snowy day and a good book, we discussed many parts and made many predictions.  We talked about who we thought “the reader” was, where we thought they were going, and we even connected a part of the story with the punctuation investigation we started the other day (which OF COURSE I’ll tell you more about later on!).

We got to this page of the book, when the boy heads toward home, and thought that maybe something was missing (sorry, Lauren Castillo!).


So…we added it. 🙂  And the best part was that Rm. 202 kiddos knew that it needed exclamation points to make it sound exciting, and they also suggested that it be written in all capital letters because that also tells the reader how it should sound. 🙂


Great, right?  And of course, no disrespect to the way it was actually written.  Reading lots Elephant and Piggie books makes us see speech bubbles EVERYWHERE!!

After we read and talked, we decided to get artistic and kiddos were invited to paint in response to the story.  They were asked to answer one of these two questions: Where is YOUR favorite place to read? or What is YOUR favorite thing to do in the winter?   Once their paintings were complete, they chose a paper to matte their piece, and wrote a card to explain their creation.  We brainstormed words we might want to use and created a chart to use a resource in our writing.  I CANNOT wait to see what these look like altogether on the bulletin board at school, but I had to go ahead and share them individually with you here from home.  They sure are pretty!!

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And I know I have said this every week of the GRA so far, but maybe this is the week that we finally join the slow chat about the books we’re reading.  Maybe. LOL 🙂



Happy Literature Circle Day!

Aren’t you excited?  It’s the first day of your new Literature Circles!  I’m excited to see where this journey will take you, and to hear all the FABULOUS conversations that will result from your close reading of your book.

I would love you to share your first thoughts with the world, so today’s response will be on your blog, not on Edmodo.  After your group has met, please compose a post that includes these things:

1. What is the book that you are reading and discussing (include the author and UNDERLINE the title!)

2. How would you describe the conversation?  Pick only ONE WORD and be sure to tell why you chose it.  For example, you might say it was LIVELY because everyone was really excited to share (and no, you can’t use that word.  It’s mine. 🙂 ).

3. What was something you did to contribute positively to the group?  On the other side of the coin, what is something you could do differently next time to make your conversation even better?

4. What are you looking forward to in your next meeting?

As always, be sure to show what you know about what good writers do (use correct mechanics, choose appropriate words, write in paragraphs, think about the audience, etc.)!  I should see proof of what you know in your writing, as well as see the answers to my questions!  Oh, and use the tags literature circles, reading and fun for your post (plus any others you want to add!).

Can’t wait to hear how it went! 🙂