Picture of the Day: May 15, 2015

I have taken SO MANY PICTURES this week.  Ok, so that’s true about every week, and every day it’s hard to choose just 1 (or 10) to post.

Today I have just one:

To me, there are probably a thousand things that this picture says about Rm. 202 friends.  Here are a few that I’ll mention:

  • See that awesome artwork up there?  Came from the art room yesterday and we HAD to share it rather than send it right home. 🙂
  • It’s crazy amazing that that bulletin board is still up!  I remember hanging it before school started, and, like every year, I had huge dreams of it being a place to share kid work and celebrate our accomplishments and growth throughout the year.  AND IT ACTUALLY WORKED!   I’m not sure why–maybe 1st graders just make more “stuff” to hang and share then big kids–or maybe I was just more motivated to make it work this time, but whatever the reason, I have loved watching it change and seeing kid work on it all. year. long.
  • I love how Learn. Create. Collaborate. really did become our theme and drove so much of what we did this year.
  • Oh, and do you see how neat the shelf and the floor are?  That makes me smile. 🙂

Pictures of the Day: May 13, 2015

This one is in honor of our friend Diego. 🙂

  Check out the really difficult task we’ve been working on with completing our series of books.  This is BIG first grade work, but they’re definitely up to the task.  This was what our morning looked like today:

And this one’s just because I know you were wondering what my shoes looked like today. 🙂  Right? 🙂 #dontforgetthekookyteacher       

Picture of the Day: May 11, 2015

We are in the midst of MANY crazy and creative projects right now.  This picture was taken during one of them:

IMG_4661First of all, I wish that iPad cameras had flash.  Just sayin’. 🙂

So we’ve begun our first cycle of #geniushour in Rm. 202 and we’ve wrangled in our Learning Buddies to help us!  I’m super impressed with how quickly these kiddos have gotten into these projects and how personal and interesting they are!  We’ve got things from glass and The Leaning Tower of Pisa to ice cream and tornadoes, with loads of other things in between.  SUPER excited to see what these friends come up with and will be sure to share their projects and learning when we’ve finished! #somanysuperthingshappeningrightnow

Picture of the Day: May 12, 2015

This picture is from something that happened today as we embarked on (yet another!) inspiring project:

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 8.55.51 PMIt’s related to a really cool conversation we had the other day about ways to show that you care for someone, and the idea sparked a HUGE idea for venues outside our classroom that we could spread the love.  We watched a @wonderopolis video about hashtags today, and so as we began to brainstorm, Millie wanted us to create our own brand new hashtag.  Well…I think we did it.  These are the only two tweets that come up when you search the hashtag #nicethingstodoandsay, which tells me that those are the only two tweets that have been written.  And they’re both ours.   (Ok, yeah, and don’t tell us if it’s not true–hee hee). CANNOT wait to show this to Rm. 202 kiddos tomorrow!

Pictures of the Day: May 8, 2015

See this BEAUTIFUL bouquet? It was made with contributions from all of my Rm. 202 firsties! They each brought something, and Mrs. McPheeters helped put them all together. The week just kept getting better and better, and this was a nice way to top it off!

Nothing like being Queen for a Day, right? Jacob made me a crown. 🙂

Just another awesome Lego vehicle by Nate and JK!

I guess this picture isn’t specifically related to anything that happened in Rm. 202 on Friday, but it did happen in our teachers’ lounge: my 1st Grade team made breakfast for the staff! We offered waffles (both whole wheat and buttermilk) as well as 3 kinds of smoothies! It was a big hit, and festive, happy way to start a day and end a great Teacher Appreciation Week! Aloha!

Alright…then there are a few more fabulous things that came from my super-generous Rm. 202 families that I didn’t get pictures of, but that definitely added to my happy Friday.  Hummus and pita, another Old Navy gift card, a glass of candy with a Target gift card, and a really cool BEARDEN acrostic poem with chocolate attached to the wrapping!  I feel so loved and well taken care of and am so thankful for my Rm. 202 families!  You make this job worth it!