Pictures of the Day: May 5, 2015

There are more Teacher Appreciation pics, but also a couple of great ones that are just of life in Rm. 202. 🙂  Enjoy!

See? School supplies. Sharpies. Oh, and Old Navy. I am spoiled. 🙂 Thank you, Emily!

This also happened today: Amelia and Millie asked me probably at least 10 times to take their picture since they were twins in their Robinson shirts. Well, they pointed out, they were really twins all the way down to their socks, shoes and hair, too! Cute!

I love this one for so many reasons. Mainly because we could have a “caption this” contest and there would be so many options! We were outside collecting pictures of things for a scavenger hunt during Science and this was our last step before we went inside. Everyone had such a hard time capturing an image of a bird, and when someone saw one in the sky, iPads all instantly went UP! Oh, and if you could hear the conversation that went along with this picture, it would crack you up. I love that “Will you AirDrop that to me?” has become a permanent part of Rm. 202 lexicon. Go First Grade Techies!! 🙂

Two more, and these are super special:

11222410_824360807610999_7553807639193950678_n 11183370_824360784277668_4995487716970496747_n

Each day this week the PTO is doing something special and cool for us, and today it was cake.  I had heard that we’d have a cake made by a special Robinson parent who had taken a cake decorating class (and we were her final!).  Well…wasn’t I SUPER excited when I was there as it was delivered this morning and the cake was made by Ms. Ross–Millie’s mom!!  It’s awesome that Robinson parents are so appreciative of what we do, but I feel extra lucky that we have a Rm. 202 connection to the love. 🙂  Pretty great, right?  Thanks, Shannon!

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