Pictures of the Day: May 8, 2015

See this BEAUTIFUL bouquet? It was made with contributions from all of my Rm. 202 firsties! They each brought something, and Mrs. McPheeters helped put them all together. The week just kept getting better and better, and this was a nice way to top it off!

Nothing like being Queen for a Day, right? Jacob made me a crown. 🙂

Just another awesome Lego vehicle by Nate and JK!

I guess this picture isn’t specifically related to anything that happened in Rm. 202 on Friday, but it did happen in our teachers’ lounge: my 1st Grade team made breakfast for the staff! We offered waffles (both whole wheat and buttermilk) as well as 3 kinds of smoothies! It was a big hit, and festive, happy way to start a day and end a great Teacher Appreciation Week! Aloha!

Alright…then there are a few more fabulous things that came from my super-generous Rm. 202 families that I didn’t get pictures of, but that definitely added to my happy Friday.  Hummus and pita, another Old Navy gift card, a glass of candy with a Target gift card, and a really cool BEARDEN acrostic poem with chocolate attached to the wrapping!  I feel so loved and well taken care of and am so thankful for my Rm. 202 families!  You make this job worth it!

Picture(s) of the Day: May 7, 2015

I put the S in parentheses like that because there really was only 1 picture that I was going to share today (and we had it figured out by like 9 am!). Then that picture changed because of something super sweet that happened later on in the day, but I couldn’t decide. So you’ll get bith. Well really all three. Here’s what I mean:   So these kooky kids all showed up with their shirts on backwards today, and when I saw it, I knew it was our picture.  Silly!!

Yeah, but then this happened:

IMG_4608 Yeah, I tell ya, Rm. 202 friends, you’re outdoing yourselves as each new day comes!  This one is extra special because it’s handmade.  Hee hee–get it? HANDmade?  LOVE it!  And look, we found the perfect place to hang it.  This was a blank space on our wall by the mailboxes that was the PERFECT size.  And it’s right by our carpet, my computer table, the word wall–kind of in the middle of our area where everyone can see it!  Meant to be, I’d say!

THANK YOU, Rm. 202 kids and families!!

Oh, wait, and I also got another sweet gift from Kylie and her mom (which I didn’t get a picture of, but that DID become my dinner tonight–win, win!!).  Thanks a million for making me feel so loved!! 🙂

Pictures of the Day: May 6, 2015


Ok, hold on tight–today was a VERY eventful day and so this post is picture-heavy. I think I counted 10.  But then I may have added more. 🙂  You ready?  Let’s go!

I usually put the pics in these posts in order based on when they happen, so these would come first anyway, but I’m also putting them first because I think they set the tone for the whole day.  The way things usually work in Rm. 202 is that I have a plan and then we decide how that will work for us that day, and often times things change (sometimes really drastically, sometime they just take a little bit different direction).

I was meeting with a group today and after our book, we got out our whiteboards for word work.  I remembered that we had talked about a chart/sign to help kiddos remember what to do with the pencil sharpener (we just got 2 new crank ones–you know, old school!) and for some reason people are CRAZY with them.  What I know about what this group knows and what they need, they were the ones to make the chart!  As we talked about what the sign should be called, they agreed that “PENCIL SHARPENER RULES” would make sense (like the chart we made to help our friends remember how to wisely use our construction paper).  As we got started talking about how to write PENCIL, we clapped out the syllables, wrote the PEN part and started working on the CIL chunk, talking about how it could either be PENSIL  or PENCIL.  It wasn’t a clear decision about which was correct (I thought for sure they’d be able to tell which one looked right), so I took it to mean we needed to learn something new.  So we started talking about C and how it has a soft sound and a hard sound.

Now…being me and doing what I do, I didn’t just start saying something like “Now these are the rules for hard C and soft C and when the C proceeds these letters it’s this and when it’s these it’s that,”–you get the idea.  Instead, we started making  a list of C words and put them in the correct column together.  Almost immediately, Makayla noticed that there were lots of Os on the hard side.  We kept going and pretty soon we noticed that the letters on the soft C side were E and I and that the other letters were on the other list.  Voila! We had a rule.  Well at least a conjecture that we thought we could use and teach our friends.

So…being Rm. 202 friends and doing what we do, we thought another sign was in order.  This one they decided to hang on the word wall–right by the letter C. 🙂  Hopefully we’ll finish soon.  Who knows?  We’re working on at least 3 other interactive writing projects and we’ve only got 15 more days!  Oh well, guess there’s always next year!

Whew! That was a long one. Ok…so I know that it looks like Nate is just being a super-silly 1st grader in this picture, but he’s actually posing like that for a reason. I tried to kill 3 stones with this one picture and show you: the yummy (and tiny) chocolate bar and SUPER cute gift card he brought from Whole Foods today (yep, I said CUTE–there’s a picture next to show the detail) AND the tooth he lost on Monday. Ok, I guess he didn’t actually lose it, he had to get it taken out but it’s gone nevertheless and you can finally see his big ‘ole grown-up tooth coming through!

See, I told you it was cute! It’s funny because without the scale of that bag to Nate in the previous picture you don’t see the funny size of these 2 objects. It will be hard to spend that gift card because it is seriously one of the cutest things I have ever seen. I told the kids I’d probably ask for it back after I redeem it and save it in my Writer’s Notebook. Um…just because that’s what I do. 🙂

C.J. and I worked really hard with build a castle with the Lincoln Logs during choice time today.  It’s the first time I’ve done that.  So fun!  The rest of the class was really impressed too, I guess, because they kept coming over to take pictures of their own!


Um…yeah, so this happened during choice time, too: Emily made me a bonnet! She came over at one point and had to measure the string so she’d know the strap was the right size, and she pointed out how she put a little tag in it, too, so I’d know what way was the back. First graders are kind of amazing, I’d say!

Alright, two more, and these fit into the I’ve-officially-lost-track-of-how-many-teeth-we’ve-lost category.  I am pretty sure it’s over 20 now, but needless to say, 1st grade mouths are VERY HOLEY at this time of year.  So cute!!

Pictures of the Day: May 5, 2015

There are more Teacher Appreciation pics, but also a couple of great ones that are just of life in Rm. 202. 🙂  Enjoy!

See? School supplies. Sharpies. Oh, and Old Navy. I am spoiled. 🙂 Thank you, Emily!

This also happened today: Amelia and Millie asked me probably at least 10 times to take their picture since they were twins in their Robinson shirts. Well, they pointed out, they were really twins all the way down to their socks, shoes and hair, too! Cute!

I love this one for so many reasons. Mainly because we could have a “caption this” contest and there would be so many options! We were outside collecting pictures of things for a scavenger hunt during Science and this was our last step before we went inside. Everyone had such a hard time capturing an image of a bird, and when someone saw one in the sky, iPads all instantly went UP! Oh, and if you could hear the conversation that went along with this picture, it would crack you up. I love that “Will you AirDrop that to me?” has become a permanent part of Rm. 202 lexicon. Go First Grade Techies!! 🙂

Two more, and these are super special:

11222410_824360807610999_7553807639193950678_n 11183370_824360784277668_4995487716970496747_n

Each day this week the PTO is doing something special and cool for us, and today it was cake.  I had heard that we’d have a cake made by a special Robinson parent who had taken a cake decorating class (and we were her final!).  Well…wasn’t I SUPER excited when I was there as it was delivered this morning and the cake was made by Ms. Ross–Millie’s mom!!  It’s awesome that Robinson parents are so appreciative of what we do, but I feel extra lucky that we have a Rm. 202 connection to the love. 🙂  Pretty great, right?  Thanks, Shannon!

Pictures of the Day: May 4, 2015

Sorry for the blurry pictures today, but hopefully you get the idea that my Teacher Appreciation Week started out with a bang!

C.J. and his mom presented me with a scrapbook that everyone had a hand in making. 🙂 Each kiddo wrote a favorite memory of me and our class. LOVE!

Amelia’s family added a Target gift card to the mix. Wow! This is too much already. 🙂


You guys know that school supplies are the way to my heart! (Thanks, Charlie!) 🙂

Ok, so we had to stage this picture today, but you get the idea that these guys both brought in Starbucks treats! They even had my coffee order right–down to the whole milk and agave! I’m SUPER impressed, 1st grade! Thank you, Nate and Landen. 🙂

Whew!  As if these fabulous kiddos and families don’t make me feel appreciated all the time, they’re outdoing themselves already!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!