Picture(s) of the Day: May 7, 2015

I put the S in parentheses like that because there really was only 1 picture that I was going to share today (and we had it figured out by like 9 am!). Then that picture changed because of something super sweet that happened later on in the day, but I couldn’t decide. So you’ll get bith. Well really all three. Here’s what I mean:   So these kooky kids all showed up with their shirts on backwards today, and when I saw it, I knew it was our picture.  Silly!!

Yeah, but then this happened:

IMG_4608 Yeah, I tell ya, Rm. 202 friends, you’re outdoing yourselves as each new day comes!  This one is extra special because it’s handmade.  Hee hee–get it? HANDmade?  LOVE it!  And look, we found the perfect place to hang it.  This was a blank space on our wall by the mailboxes that was the PERFECT size.  And it’s right by our carpet, my computer table, the word wall–kind of in the middle of our area where everyone can see it!  Meant to be, I’d say!

THANK YOU, Rm. 202 kids and families!!

Oh, wait, and I also got another sweet gift from Kylie and her mom (which I didn’t get a picture of, but that DID become my dinner tonight–win, win!!).  Thanks a million for making me feel so loved!! 🙂

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