First Grade Math Warm-Ups: Week of April 27-May 1, 2015

It seems that the later we get into the year (or maybe it’s just that we’re at the end of a math unit), the less interesting our warm-ups are.  I mean I guess they’re not for entertainment, but I guess I’d like for them to be fun and motivating.  We’ll see how well we did with that this week…


Guess we didn’t have a one on Monday.  Must have been a busy morning (is it bad that I can’t remember back to LAST WEEK?)


We continued on with data here…


And then I showed how I would represent this data and we discussed what we learned from it, as well as other options for showing what the data tells:


Besides giving us practice with adding (and with bigger number!), and reminding us of some math vocabulary, this equation held some significance for our class.  Only I can’t tell you what it is until after Monday morning….sorry. 😦


We had a fabulous field trip first thing on Thursday, so no math warm-up.


I think I’ve mentioned before, but one thing I love about how we do math warm-ups is when kids start to apply things you’ve learned (or are learning) during the unit to their work here.  For this one, I mean that someone thought we should have a t-chart to help us organize our thinking and our data.  It’s super easy to see that most kids in our class are 7.  🙂