Robinson has GRIT! (and drums!)

On one of the last days before our Spring Break started, we were visited by a music teacher from a nearby university, and some of his students.  Best of all, they brought DRUMS with them!  Our kiddos were able to learn about the drums, about the music you could play with them and then they got to try it out, too!

And then, when I came to pick up my class, they asked for teachers to get in on the action, too!  I’m so glad my friend Peyton was up there for that round with me, because he definitely helped me know what to do.  That rhythm was harder to follow than you’d think!  Way to go, Robinson musicians–Robinson does indeed have GRIT!

3 thoughts on “Robinson has GRIT! (and drums!)

  1. Hello everyone,

    On reading this interesting post on the Robinsons drumming visit, I thought I would share some of what is happening in schools in my local area. Drumming is an activity in a number of my local schools and, as I film and make DVDs for the local schools, I can share a little of the sounds. I can’t show the full video but you will hear the audio. Here is the link tot he post…

    Drumming is fascinating. You can “feel” the sound in the air.

    Ross Mannell
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    • Mr. Mannell, I’m SUPER excited to share this with my firsties tomorrow! They will LOVE to read more about drums, as well as learn more about your region with the last post you sent me. THANK YOU for communicating with us–we’re already learning from you, and look forward to continuing correspondence. We have a new unit coming up on plants and animals, and might have questions to ask you. 🙂

      • School performances have become an important part of my life since retiring. I produce DVDs for five individual schools as well as the annual 14 school performing arts festival and music camp in my area of Australia. There are some pretty amazing young performers in my area and many students who love taking part.

        Knowing my love for performances, I produce DVDs and CDs for a dancing school, an adult choir and occasionally a community drama group but, seeing I have very wide interests, I also produce video clips for science related and environmental projects as well as community activities. With a photography hobby added in, I have been able to build up some wonderful resources to share.

        With plants and animals as an upcoming topic, you have touched on another interest of mine. There are many photos and video clips of Aussie animals and plants in my collection. The first half of the year is a little easier on school productions so I may have a little extra time to share. 🙂

        Ross Mannell

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