Losing Yourself

CAM01739While this has always been an important part of my job, it seems like I have much more of an influence and responsibility to start my first grade kiddos off on the right foot.  Many of them begin their life-long reading journey in earnest with me, and I want to help EVERY ONE OF THEM feel what it’s like to be lost in a book.  This is the main reason why read aloud (and good books in general!) are non-negotiables in Rm. 202.   🙂

In what book were you last lost?   Tell us about it! 🙂

Robinson has GRIT! (and drums!)

On one of the last days before our Spring Break started, we were visited by a music teacher from a nearby university, and some of his students.  Best of all, they brought DRUMS with them!  Our kiddos were able to learn about the drums, about the music you could play with them and then they got to try it out, too!

And then, when I came to pick up my class, they asked for teachers to get in on the action, too!  I’m so glad my friend Peyton was up there for that round with me, because he definitely helped me know what to do.  That rhythm was harder to follow than you’d think!  Way to go, Robinson musicians–Robinson does indeed have GRIT!