Jokes of the Day: Week of March 24-27, 2015

This was our first week back from Spring Break!  After a day off for students on Monday, we got back into the swing of things on Tuesday and were moving and grooving really quickly.  Welcome to 4th quarter!

The jokes this week come from my friend and teaching neighbor, Ms. Turken, as well as a first grader in Ms. Lewis’ class (LB), and one last one from (which is my original go-to place for jokes when this whole thing started.  Ok, let’s go!


Why did the bird go to the hospital?

He needed a “tweet”ment! 🙂

(Thanks, Ms. Turken!)


What did the turkey say to the crooked table?

Wobble, wobble! 🙂

(another good one, Ms. Turken!)


With what animal would you never want to play cards?

A cheetah! 🙂

We thought this one was really funny!  AND it came from another first grade friend in Ms. Lewis’ class.  So fun!


What kind of key do you need to open a banana?

A mon-key!

Ha, ha, ha, ha!!! Hope your Spring is off to a happy start–ours certainly is!!

Have any jokes to share?  Leave them for us in the comments! 🙂