Classroom Library Tour

Don’t you love this picture?  I do because I love our library, but also because I just used to edit it.  For free.  COOL!  But I digress…

For some reason I have never put any pictures of our library on here.  Which is funny because I love our library, but also because it’s one of my favorite things to check out on other people’s blogs.  So here it is–finally!

Several years ago I went through and made labels with pictures and authors’ names, after seeing the idea in someone else’s classroom!  This is one of my favorite places in our room.  Not sure if it’s because is has some of my favorite books, or if it’s because it’s pretty.  The rainbow boxes look so good in that black shelf, and are so organized (well at least I think so)!

Here you will find the end of the alphabetized author boxes, along with series like The Babysitter’s Club, Harry Potter, Magic Tree House and some genre boxes for fantasy and mystery.  There are other genres on an opposite wall–just didn’t have a pretty picture of them. 🙂

And yes, I know those 400, 500, and 600 boxes are missing labels!  I just keep forgetting to come back and do that.  😦

The box labeled “Good Books” has been around for a couple of years and has some of my favorites.  I lead kiddos there when they are just looking for a “good” book to read.

I love the label I put on this box.  So many “big” kids think they’ve outgrown picture books, but most of them were actually written at reading levels for older kids to work on independently anyway.  I encourage my “big kids” to try these every so often.  And usually they do. 🙂

While our main library is on the other side of the room, it’s mostly fiction and filled with chapter books.  Over here, next to our ActivBoard meeting space, are nonfiction collections.

Thanks for taking a tour of our library!  Glad you stopped by and love to hear what you thought. 🙂

Math Warm-Ups Sept 4-7, 2012

So after I posted about our Morning Math Warmups last week, I figured I would start doing that every week.  It will be great to see all of them once we’re finished this year.  We would really appreciate it if you followed along with our learning this year, and even comment with your own answers.  We could learn from you!

Since Monday was Labor Day, there are only four this week:





How would you answer these?  What warmups would you use for factors and multiples? Leave us a comment!