Morning Math Warmups

This being the second week of school, we got a little closer to following our regular daily schedule.  In Math, that meant that we practiced the components of Guided Math.  One of those components is our Morning Math Warm-ups.

Each day when they come in, there will be a question on the easel to get their brains warmed up.  Generally they will be math-related, but sometimes not obviously so–not just “solve this equation” type questions.  These were the warm-ups for the week:


How would you answer these questions?  If you’re a parent: talk to your mathematician about how they answered them.  If you’re a teacher: how do you use warm-ups in your classroom?  Tell us about it! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Morning Math Warmups

  1. hi writting a story on my own in my own notebook. would you like to read it. i could bring it in if you want. just let me know and ill bring it to school.


    • ABSOLUTELY! Bring it with you on Tuesday, kiddo! So glad to hear you’re writing at home. And I am certain that I will LOVE it! Hope you’re enjoying your long weekend. 🙂

  2. Love how a simple twist to provide the ANSWER first takes you deeper into the thinking! I have to get up and check out those post its!

    • Mrs. LeSeure gave me the idea when we started Guided Math last year. But that was a different unit, so I’m figuring out a way to reuse the same kind of question for new concepts. What would your answers be? 🙂

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