Are you connected?

Today I was at school all by myself.  Ok, not all by myself, but without any students there.  It was a work day for teachers before students return tomorrow.  And it’s definitely a nice way to ease back into the school routine slowly.

I had a couple of goals today, one of them being this new bulletin board:

It’s right at the front of the room, behind the rocking chair I sit in for read aloud and much of our carpet time.  I hope it becomes a place where we can have daily conversations about the world, specifically about the people and places we’re connecting with via our blogs.  The plan is to mark the places where visitors (and those who leave comments) to our site are from.  I anticipate some really rich conversations around culture and geography will spark from this map–thanks to you, our readers.  Can’t wait to see how full the board becomes as the year goes on.

Will you help us?  We’d love to set the goal of getting as many different pins as possible on our map! Be sure to leave us a comment after you read and tell us a little about your town and yourself.  My kids would love it if you did the same on their blogs, as well, which can be found at

Can’t wait to see who we will meet this year!

12 thoughts on “Are you connected?

  1. WOW its really good that you are blogging again . I didn’t leave any comments over winter break now i can leave commenta

  2. Sorry I meant comment . But anyway I hope I can get some of my relatives from around the world to visit our blog. Hopefully 🙂

  3. Hello 5th Graders!

    I join your blog from Boise Idaho! You probably already know that Idaho is famous for potatoes, but did you also know that they are famous for…..yes…their BLUE FOOTBALL FIELD! Okay..I don’t know how to post a picture so you’ll have to go to this site to see it….

    It is world famous now!

    I just want to encourage you to work hard on your math (i saw that you were studying geometry). It’s one of those basic skills that your are really going to need when you get to college!!

    Have a great year!


    Diana Fairchild

    • Diana–Thanks for sharing your comments. Archie said you are a friend of his family, right? We so loved adding your “Boise” pin to our map. Thanks for your willingness to come along on our journey of learning and sharing your thoughts! Hope you visit again soon. 🙂 Could you tell us a little about Idaho? I’ve never been there before, and I’ll bet many of my students haven’t either.

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  6. I’m from Sioux City, Iowa and lived there until I was 3. It’s in northwest Iowa, by the Loess Hills, and on the shores of the Missouri River. My dad managed a television station there, but we moved to St. Louis when he got a position at one of the local radio stations.

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  9. Hi! I am Ames’ aunt, Caroline, and live in the Windy City – Chicago, IL! I hope this comment adds a new pin to your map!

    Great blog and great idea. Keep it up!

    • Hi, Aunt Caroline! So glad you’ve visited our blog and so excited to add your pin to our map! I know Ames will be pleased that you commented. Did you tell him? I’m eager to share it with him tomorrow!

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