Remember the pictures from yesterday?  Take a look at just what an hour or two’s worth of work can do:

This picture didn’t turn out too good, but it’s the view to the right from the door.  My desk, the carpet, a table or two and the ActivBoard.

Still some stuff on the windows, but can you see a classroom starting to take shape?  I am really excited about the way this part of the room worked out.  The blue shelf will be cubbies for some of you.  The empty shelves on the left will be the library.

Just inside the door: table, yellow cubbies, a desk and a round table.  All the stuff on the counter will move and that will be the art center.  See the green wall to the left?  It looks like this:

I’m pretty excited about it.  I mean yes, eventually it will have stuff covering that all up, but I love how it speaks to our construction theme.  You will start to see more of that CAUTION tape creeping up around the room soon.

I worked some more today, but forgot to take pictures.  I’ll do that when I go in again tomorrow.

Hope you got your letter today (or yesterday!).  Watch your mailbox for a note from me, too!  🙂


Ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered what your classroom looks like at the end of summer before your teacher gets there and puts it all back together?  Did you even know that it looks different during the summer?  Well, here’s a few sneak peeks of what our room looked like today when I got there.  It’s the first day I’ve been to school to start working on it, and I thought you’d want to see it before I got too far:

View to the right of the door

Just inside the door

How ’bout all that stuff piled on the windowsill? 🙂

Another great pile of stuff on the counter

So now start imagining how those big, messy piles of tables and chairs and books and supplies will become your classroom.  Stay tuned–I’ll post an update soon.