Getting closer…

Hello again!  So today I got a really exciting email from Mrs. Sisul that had some back-to-school information in it.  I learned more about what our schedule will look like during the day, and it’s going to be pretty great!  We will probably have math in the morning–which is good because your brains will be fresher then–and reading is after lunch.  With every little bit of info that I get, the more excited I become to meet you and get this party started!

Oh, and since I whined in my last post about how I couldn’t find anything for our theme, I thought you’d like to know that I’ve started to find some really great things.  Just had to think about it a little more (so I could plan on what I might need to make), and shop in a few other places.  And I love shopping, so that was pretty cool.  Like I said in the title of this post, school is getting closer, and I’m getting even more excited!


I told you already about our theme this year.  Well, I told you that you could find it if you went to the right place.  That place was our classroom website (  So since you’ve already been there to visit our website (it’s really great, right?), then you know the theme this year is Building Great Minds.  I have had all sorts of ideas about things around our classroom that will tie into that theme–table name tags, hall passes, bulletin boards, signs, etc–but once I started shopping for those things, I COULDN’T FIND WHAT I WANTED ANYWHERE!  Apparently there is not much of a market for construction hats and dump trucks or other images related to building.  So what do you do when you run into a problem?  Problem solve!  I guess that now I am on a new search.  And this search includes materials to make most of the things I envision.  Which is actually pretty cool, because I enjoy that type of thing.  Stay tuned for pictures of what I’m making.  Some of the new creations just might have your name on them!  (But not until after August 1, since I can’t reveal who’s in my class until after that.)

Thinking about theme

I know it’s summer, but sometimes my mind wanders to school anyway.  While I am not at school yet doing anything “official”, I usually do at least a little thinking or planning about school every day.  Right now the work is on our classroom theme.  I’m excited to share it with you and then work on building on that theme all year.  Any guess at what it might be?  There are clues out there already if you know where to look….

The waiting is killing me!

So excited to find out who’s in my class this year!  I love this time of the summer when anticipation is high and everyone is excited to learn who their new teacher will be.  Will it be you?  I sure hope so!  Watch for a letter in your mailbox around August 1st.  Can’t wait to meet you all, new friends!  🙂