Writing Challenge

I read lots of other people’s blogs.  Most are either teachers or crafters.  Today I read one that I really loved, and thought I’d share here.  It’s a writing challenge that I’m taking on.  Ok, well really it’s something I already do, but love a challenge, so I’m in.  Read about it here and see if you’re in, too.  BELIEVE ME, we’ll talk alot more about it once we get started with Writer’s Workshop, but I thought I’d give you a chance for a head start.  Don’t know what to write about today?  How about the favorite thing you did this summer, or what you wish you’d done this summer that you didn’t get a chance to do.  The biggest thing is that you write, not what you write about. 🙂


It’s officially August!  That’s good–because we’ll be together soon–but it also means it’s almost the end of the summer.  I’m most excited about today because it’s the day the letters go home so you’ll FINALLY know who’s class you’re in.  And I hope it’s mine!  Send me a message or comment on this post!  See you soon, friends. 🙂