#classroombookaday UPDATE: A New Year’s View–January 2019

I am pretty sure I write the same “I’m-so-sorry-that-it’s-been-so-long-since-I’ve-posted” apology every year.  So, wait, maybe that’s just how I roll on this blog now and I should stop apologizing for it and instead accept that this is just real life for me now, huh?  Whew!  That feels all of a sudden so free and clear and we can start a new year on a good foot. Ready?  Here we go!

This year has been another amazing one as far as books and literacy and introducing great new stories to our first graders, and we are again watching our wall fill up with BEAUTIFUL pictures of books!  Check our what our wall looked like when we left for Winter Break:


We are currently at 243, which is well on our way to the 561 book goal (based on last year’s numbers)!  I am amazed at how many books on this wall are NEW and DIFFERENT from the titles on the wall last year.  We added so many great stories last year, discovering new authors and new ideas that it’s surprising how many equally great ones we’ve found this year.  Can’t wait to get into a regular routine of sharing our wall pics and taking YOU with us on this reading journey! 🙂

As I ask every time…what are some titles YOU have been reading, or ones you suggest we share with our kiddos?  We’ve love to add them, and then tell you what we think. :). PLEASE leave a comment with a book idea for us! 🙂

6 thoughts on “#classroombookaday UPDATE: A New Year’s View–January 2019

        • We print them on our color printer (they are 3 by 3) and they fit perfectly in rows of 20! I LOVE this display for loads of reasons, and it is interactive in SO many ways. We come back to it over and over again, for literacy reasons, as well as with math investigations. Perhaps the best part is the interest and excitement it creates in our whole school! Our classroom is in the main hallway where EVERY SINGLE STUDENT goes for music and art, and so all of the kids in our building get to enjoy all of the reading that happens in first grade! I have heard so many stories from other teachers about how our books have inspired their students to want to do the same in their own classroom. :). You should absolutely try it, and let us know what happens! And why even wait til next year–start right now! 🙂

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