Helping Out for Hands on Kirkwood!

We live in a SUPER community who loves and supports its neighbors and this weekend was another example why that’s true.  Today is the annual event called Hands of Kirkwood.

Screenshot 2017-10-07 16.24.59

First graders, along with our 3rd grade learning buddies from Mrs. Rajab’s class, did our part by passing out bags to our Robinson neighbors.  Much like other drives that happen around town (done by the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts), this one is an invitation to donate food and other necessities to help both Kirkcare and Nurses for Newborns.

Armed with our plastic yellow bags, helping hands and hearts, we were off!

We were hot and sweaty, but we were so glad we got to help out!  The best part was how many kiddos I heard say how happy they were that they got to do this.  Someone was even imagining how much food we’d collect and how many people could benefit.  Way to go Robinson kiddos!

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