Guest Authors: Ella Marie and Sara–History Projects!

As I mentioned in my post, we’ve got guest authors on the blog this weekend!  Here’s a post by Ella Marie and Sara.  I know they’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on their work! 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 8.42.20 PM

3 thoughts on “Guest Authors: Ella Marie and Sara–History Projects!

  1. History is full of so many great stories! I love learning about how people lived in different time periods as well as about all of the inventions that have been created over time. It’s AMAZING how quickly things can change! Would you want to live in a different time in history?

  2. Hello Sara and Ella Marie from Spokane, Washington. I really liked your tepee Ella Marie. My home town is named after the Spokane Indian tribe. In their language Spokane means “Sun people.” Maybe next time you could do a project on a tribe from you area!

    I really liked your covered wagon model Sara. Isn’t it amazing how people use to travel? Do you think it would be fun to travel that way? Not for me, I need air conditioning! You might really like to read or watch about the “Oregon Trail.” Or play the video game!


    Mr. Atkin

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