Happy Monday my friends!

Today is the day you have been waiting for . . . SCIENCE!

We are going to begin discussing science today.

Please answer the following questions in complete sentences. As we have practiced, be sure to include the question in your response, so it is clear to your reader what question was asked of you.

You may want to have two tabs open so you can toggle back and forth if you need to.  Click here to get to your blog.  Happy writing!

1) What makes someone a scientist?  Give an example of someone you know that is a scientist.

2) List three character traits of a scientist and explain why each one is important.

3) Are you a scientist?  Why or why not?

4) How are forces and motion a part of your everyday life?  Give three examples please.

5) What do you already know about force and motion and simple machines.  What are you wondering about?

Thanks for sharing your science thinking!

(Thanks Ms. Turken for sharing these fabulous questions with me!  I owe you one. 🙂 )

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