So just when you thought you’d come back to school after a 2 WEEK long Winter Break, it snows a foot and there are -25 degree wind chills.  SURPRISE! We’re starting the new year with a snow day.  And while I’m really anxious to see my friends again–it seems like it’s been FOREVER since we were together–I can’t say I’m sad that I’m home with my family again today.  Or that I’m glad I didn’t have to venture out into the freezer yet.  We can save that for later. 🙂

Yesterday counted as a “snow” day, too, I guess since that’s when it actually snowed.  It was BEAUTIFUL to watch–but again, mostly because I was safe and warm inside looking at it from next to my fireplace. 🙂  We hunkered down and did fun stuff inside together.  You probably know, but “fun” for me meant being creative: I worked on finishing up some details from Allie’s big girl room that I’ve been working on (ribbon on a plain lamp shade and creating artwork together for her walls), blogging (you saw the post about the end of 2nd quarter, right?), playing games and wasting some time on Facebook, doing laundry (at some point there are things I HAVE To do), and doing a little bit of school work.

Today I started by baking some oatmeal breakfast “cupcakes” and sewing some placemats for our table with the new serger I got for Christmas.  I have more school work to do today (report cards!), but will also take some time to read a little, hang up the artwork we made yesterday, and take down our Christmas tree (come on–you know yours is still up, too!).

So what are you doing today?  Whether you’re a kid, a parent or a teacher–and whether I know you or not–I’m interested in knowing what you’re doing on your snow day.  Or even better than that–if you are somewhere and the weather is 80 degrees and sunny–I want to hear from you, too!

Happy New Year to you all, and enjoy your Monday not matter what kind of weather Mother Nature brought you today!