Did You Hear?

We got our iPads today!  I have to share this picture first because it pretty much sums up how excited we all were for this day to come:

IMG_1234I had to finally stop and take a picture of my dear friend Landry, because it said more to explain the feelings than my words could.  🙂

I was SO IMPRESSED by how well everyone did today.  We had LOTS of directions to listen to during the setup process for our iPads, and the class followed every one of them.  They helped each other, worked efficiently and got the job done.  They definitely brought the GRIT and self-control I told them they’d need today!

Check out some pics of us during setup:

Thank you Mr. Strecker for your tech support today!

Thank you Mr. Strecker for your tech support today!



Mr. Shelton lending an iPad hand today!


Mrs. Jeon was a big help, too, as she answered questions and gave directions

IMG_1238 IMG_1236 IMG_1233

Rollouts like these are only possible because of all of the district people who show up to help! Mr. Strecker, Mrs. Covert, and Ms. Rima--who was such a busy bee she didn't end up in any of my photos!--made this process painless, even with 23 5th graders!

Rollouts like these are only possible because of all of the district people who show up to help! Mr. Strecker, Mrs. Covert, and Ms. Rima–who was such a busy bee she didn’t end up in any of my photos!–made this process painless, even with 23 5th graders!

We ended up having a mostly iPad-filled day, but were able to set up our Gmail accounts, setup and verify Apple IDs and iCloud accounts, and log in to the App Store (including account verification and security questions–that was time consuming!).  After lunch we downloaded Cut the Rope (it’s the FREE APP of the week!), as well as Pic Collage.  Our first iPad project was to use Pic Collage to create home and lock screens to personalize our iPads and help us tell them apart from others.  We’ll use this app (along with many others) in creative ways throughout the year to show what we’ve learned and demonstrate our understanding.  The last part of the day was a hoot!  I wish I had video of all of the funny pictures people were taking of each other to add to their collages.  WHAT FUN!

I mentioned it before, but I have to say again–ROBINSON 5TH GRADE ROCKED IPAD DAY TODAY!  I am so impressed with all that was achieved today, with little to no hiccups.  Here’s to a great year of learning and growing with a fabulous tech tool in our hands!  Oh, and of course, THANK YOU TO THE KIRKWOOD SCHOOL BOARD FOR MAKING IT HAPPEN!  As a teacher I appreciate all that you do to help me help my kiddos achieve great things and work to their highest potential.

Did I mention I LOVE MY JOB?!

7 thoughts on “Did You Hear?

    • Cate,
      I am so excited to have Minis again. There are so many amazing things we can do to show what we’ve learned, and to find new information. I’m excited to get started showing it all to you!

  1. I have to admit when I initially heard all the kids would be getting iPads, I thought, “do whaaaaaat?”
    But, after some thought, I realized how much of real life work is being done on iPad now (even at my hospital) and what a failure it would be if our kids didn’t learn to use this modality and use it well. Luke is super-excited to try this out and I’m even more excited to learn all the new ways they can be used to extend and expand his education.

    • Kim–I’m glad to hear both your initial thoughts, as well as your current ones. This is definitely a great opportunity for innovation and creativity. You’re right that this is the future, and we’re hoping to be able to help our kiddos figure out how to use the device efficiently now. It was exciting to figure out new and fun ways to both learn and find information, as well as ways to demonstrate understanding. Starting with iPads this fall will be even better! I’m so glad Luke is excited to get started with this!

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