Ropes Course (or “Getting Gritty With It”)

Remember how we’ve been talking about grit? Well shortly after we first talked about it, 5th grade had a perfect situation where they had to dig down deep and find some: the Ropes Course!

Every year, 5th graders spend some time in the Westchester Woods working together on team building exercises.  And this year we did it in 100 degree weather!  YAY!  Just that is gritty in itself, right?


There were many stations, but I was in charge of the most fabulous station: the swinging log. Wanna guess why they call it that?


The goal of the swinging log was to get the team from one end of the log to the other (one at a time) in whatever way makes sense, without touching the log, the person on the log, or the ground.  Go, team!

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And then, on the way home, I was wondering what a teacher looks like after they’ve been standing out in the heat cheering on 5th graders at the Swinging Log.  Here’s the answer:

IMG736Not horrible, right? HA!  Just had to throw this one at ya to make you laugh. 🙂



7 thoughts on “Ropes Course (or “Getting Gritty With It”)

  1. Dear mrs.bearden, aka best teacher ever! We totally NEED to go there again! It was so fun!!!!! That’s right, it was so fun it was worth 5 exclamation points.

    • Mia,
      Gotta love it when it’s only the beginning of school and there are already 5-exclamation-point-worthy activities! It was pretty great, wasn’t it?! Can’t wait to see what you think about all of the other amazing things we’ll do this year. 🙂

    • Well, not together, but I believe that you are allowed to go there with your family if you want to. Either way, though, we’re going to come back to that experience over and over! You guys really showed what GRIT looks like and worked together well!

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