Room Updates!

Hopefully you’ve seen the little bit of work I’ve been doing in our room to get ready!

Today I was at school for another big chunk of time, and look who showed up to help me!

IMG_1077Anna and Sophia were busy bees working to figure out that big pile ‘o books that was on the table the other day.

IMG630They ended up with many new categories to divide the titles into, and actually recreated some of the old tubs I used to have–that part was funny to me!  I’m excited to see how these changes (along with some other ideas I have) make our library an even better place to be!


I also got our time zone clocks hung today (and yes, I realize that it’s ten to two everywhere.  Forgot batteries. Oops.)


And then….my favorite part showed up:

It's a beauty, isn't it?  Just like I imagined.  SO EXCITED for what's going to happen around that table this year!

It’s a beauty, isn’t it? Just like I imagined. SO EXCITED for what’s going to happen around that table this year!  Thanks again, Nancy!

Getting excited!

4 thoughts on “Room Updates!

  1. Your room is so big! Love it! I would give anything for more space. I am going to borrow your time zone clocks idea–that’s just great. How are you connecting with other classes around the world–epals?

    • We love to connect with classes through Mystery Skype, as well as with this blog and our Kid Blogs! It’s been amazing to see from how far away we have readers and commenters. Our first time zone clock will be set for our friends in 5SK who live in North Queensland, Austraila! Here’s more about how I’ve used the map in the past:

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