My Brain Hurts!

Today was one of those days that made my brain hurt.  Don’t worry, though, it was that good kind of hurt.  The kind of hurt that comes from chewing on really big topics with really smart people as you try to solve really meaty problems.  But it’s on days like these that I am reminded that I am a ssssllllooowww processor, that I need time to continue to chew and contemplate before I can give you my full opinion or take on the issue, before I can commit to what my part will be in addressing the issue.  And when you’re in a room full of quick-thinking, fast-moving people, that can make you feel like you’re being left WAY behind!  Oh well, somehow I feel better since I know this about myself, and I am also glad to know that that kind of thinking is valued by the group of people I was working with, too.  So now is when I can sit down to think.  To make plans.  To decide on what I’m willing to commit to for this upcoming year.  To figure out how I can be a contributing member of the AMAZING community of learners that I teach with.  Wish me luck, friends! I’ll get there eventually! 🙂

2 thoughts on “My Brain Hurts!

  1. Hello my friend,
    I knew you were deep in reflection mode last night; notice I did not engage you in any Tweeting! I knew you needed to process and I was anxiously awaiting your thoughts which I got today via email and this post. I also recognize that I am one of those people who goes SUPER fast as a default mode. When I get into problem solving meetings like we were in yesterday, I gravitate to others who move as fast ~ if not faster! I was watching your body language and I knew when you were FULL. 🙂 And that is OK because, as you note above, I think our community does value all kinds of processors. We couldn’t do this without you.

    • Thanks, boss, for understanding and accepting how my brain works. I appreciate that you let everyone bring their thoughts to the table–no matter how longs it takes them! Your leadership has been amazing and helps us all strive to do the best we can for ourselves, our school and most importantly–our students! You matter. 🙂

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