Let’s Get This Party Started…

I am so enjoying this time off from school–time to relax, to be with my family, to travel a little (we just spent the weekend in Chicago, which is a new favorite place of ours), and to think.  I’ll admit that I think a little too much about school when I’m away from it, but hey–it’s hard not to when that’s where you spend so much of your time!

In this last week I have before I get back into the daily grind again, I hope to spend reading and reflecting, look both back and forward to what is to come in the new year.  And one piece of that “reading” part happens for me on Twitter (and I KNOW I’ve mentioned that here before, so instead of telling you any more about it, I’ll just share a tweet I just found that I loved. 🙂 ).

And so as I get this last week of break underway, let’s get this party started–as I hope that I’ll have many other posts to share with you soon. 🙂