100 Things About Me as a Writer

I am a writer.  I wouldn’t say that I am an author, because I haven’t been published, but I definitely write.  And I write a lot.

So here are 100 things about me as a writer:

1. I started my writing journey way back in kindergarten and have loved it ever since.

2.  When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be an author when I grew up.

3. Writing has always been one of my favorite subjects in school.

4. I still have writing pieces from when I was a kid.  I think they’re saved in my mom’s dresser.

5. In junior high, I wrote mostly short stories about girls who were babysitters or who had crushes on boys in their classes.

6. As an adult, I usually write expository text or to tell my opinion/thoughts on a topic.

7. I officially started my Writer’s Notebook in June of 2005.

8. I am now filling up my 10th notebook.  Each one is different and tells something about my life at the time I was writing in it.

9. My favorite authors as a reader are my favorite as a writer.  I like the way their words sound.

10.  Sharon Creech, Ralph Fletcher and Jerry Spinelli as mentors of mine even though I don’t know them.

11.  I write mostly for myself.

12. Sometimes I write so I can share it with my students.  My Writer’s Notebooks and my students’ needs are the main resources I use in my teaching.

13. I’d love to publish a book someday.

14. I write better when I have choices about what it is (i.e. format, length, etc.)

15.  If I have an assignment, I will always write longer than is asked.   It’s probably really annoying to my teachers!

16. I learn a lot from my students when I read their writing.

17. I like feedback, but only if it’s positive.  Hey, we’re being honest here, right? 🙂

18. I read almost everything like a writer, looking for things I can use in my own writing.

19. I love words.  I collect quotes and often write down the things other people say.

20. The outside of my Writer’s Notebooks are covered with things that inspire me.

21. I am a “pen” person.  I could shop for hours for just the right one.  What it looks like when I write is really important.  Well at least to me. I’m kind of obsessed. 🙂

Wow–that was harder than I thought it would be.  Didn’t get as far as I thought I would.  Hopefully I’ll come back to add some more soon.  Check back again, will ya?

What would you say about yourself as a writer?  Could you add anything else to my list?



100 Things About Me as a Reader

Ahhh….as I sit here on my bed boat with Riley to my side “reading” his next Magic Tree House book, I am happy.  I’m under the covers, and the only thing that would make it a little bit better was if that breeze was blowing overhead right now (aka the ceiling fan that is almost always running).

So hopefully you came by a week or so ago to read my posts for Teachers Write.  I HATE that I haven’t gotten back into that–sorry, summer took over–but hey, I HAVE been writing.  Just not what I’m “supposed” to be writing for my assignments.  Instead I’ve been writing for me.  Which is what I find the most joy in doing.  Yes, someday soon I’ll get back into that again.  Maybe.  And if not, then I need to be ok with that, too.  🙂

Alright, so back to business.  You can tell by the title that I’m writing this post to tell you about me as a reader.  I got the whole idea from Franki Sibberson on her blog, and even carried it over to describing me as a runner, as she did on another blog that she writes.  So when I got the “things about me as a runner” idea, I figured I’d have-a-go at the reader and writer ones, too, and see where it takes me.

So that’s why you’re here now.  Hopefully I’ll get close to 100, but I’m pretty certain I will not.  Let’s find out together, ok?

So….100 things about me as a reader:

1. I was a big fan of the Berenstain Bears when I was a kid.  I am told that the first book I read on my own was The Berenstain Bears and the Sitter, and we still laugh to this day how I pronounced between like “beet-ween”.  I think that’s not a bad attempt actually.  It has the word “be” in it, after all.  🙂

2. I read every Babysitter’s Club I could get my hands on during my junior high years.  And yes, I had dreams of starting my own.  It didn’t happen.

3.  I also read Nancy Drew.  Mystery is one of my favorite fiction genres still today.

4.  As an adult, I read mainly to learn.  I could read a professional book every day for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy.

5. I sometimes have a hard time remembering details when I read.  My husband hates it that I can’t tell him everything about what I read.  I kind of hate it, too.

6.  In the summer, I read as much as I can, and it’s usually juvenile fiction.  That’s kind of my bridge between professional and pleasure reading.  Best of both worlds since I’m a teacher.

7. I like books that are set in classrooms.

8. Sharon Creech is probably my favorite author.

9.  Walk Two Moons is one of my all-time favorite books.

10.  Jerry Spinelli runs a close second.

11.  I read Crash by Jerry Spinelli every year in my classroom.  Another favorite of mine.

12.  I have an easier time reading books that has short chapters than long ones.  Granny Torrelli Makes Soup is a great example of that–the chapters can be just one page.  The One and Only Ivan is, too.  Oh, and Because of Mr. Terupt.  And…(I could probably go on and on, but I won’t.)

13. I don’t like to read books that are longer than about 200 pages.  There’s something about it that makes me discouraged.

14.  I prefer to read the whole book in one setting.

15.  I often write about what I read when I’m finished.  It’s usually about questions I have, or how the story made me feel, or even how I could tie that book into something I teach in my classroom.

16. I don’t think I would like to have an e-reader.  I need to be about touch the pages.  And maybe even write on them.  With a real pen.

17. I love the “smell” of a book.

18. I visit the library every week religiously.

19.  I hate to admit this, but I pay huge late fees to the library because I often keep my books too long. (Don’t tell anyone, ok?  Probably not good since I’m a teacher!)

20. I have checked out over 60 books at one time.  (See why I have such horrible late fees?  Believe me, it adds up fast!)

21. I like to read on my couch or a comfy chair.

22.  The first fantasy book I read was The City of Ember.

23.  Sometimes I see the movie version of a book first, and it actually entices me to read a book that I might not have been interested in reading.  Two examples are The City of Ember and I Am David.  Saw the movie first, then read the books and LOVED THEM!

24. I love to listen to some books instead of reading them.  It helps me better understand some things.  Harry Potter is a good example of this.  Didn’t read a single one, but heard them all and loved them!  And yes, then I saw the movies. 🙂

25. I like courtroom stories.  John Grisham is a favorite.

26.  I would probably have a hard time doing many of the things I ask my students to do with their books. (Again, don’t tell anyone, ok?)

27. I love to read, but don’t really like to hang out in bookstores.  Is that weird?

28. I have more books at school in my classroom library than I do at home.

29. I like to recommend books to others.

30. I love to read books recommended by other people.  Lately, I’ve found lots of amazing stories from my PLN on Twitter.

31. I need it to be really quiet when I read.  No distractions.

32.  I’m getting better at being able to read in the car and not getting sick.

33. I often read a book because it’s won or was nominated for an award.  Right now I’m working reading the Mark Twain nominees for 2012-2013.

34.  I think read-aloud is one of the most powerful times of the day in my classroom.  No lay-down-and-rest-after-recess kind of reading here.

35. I like to read with my kiddos.  Yes, my ones at home and at school. 🙂

Ok, so not 1oo. Yet.  Eventually. 🙂

What would you put on your list of 100 things?