Stop! Drop! Cover! Roll!

On Monday we were lucky to be visited by the Kirkwood Fire Department, as they taught us how to be safe around fire, and what to do to prevent problems if we encounter one in our house.

First, we watched a video with some friends we know and love:

…and then our beloved firefighters taught us about what to do when we hear the smoke detector.  They even reminded us what it sounds like!

We talked about Stop, Drop, Cover your Face and Roll as well as how to find a safe spot where our family will meet if we have to leave our house (ours is down the street by the speed limit sign!), as well as how every bedroom should have two exits in case one is blocked.  Perhaps the best part was when he put on his gear so we could see what a fireman would look like if we ever encountered one in a rescue!  He sounded like Darth Vader with his mask on!

We knew a lot, learned a lot and feel super safe about fire safety!  Thank you firefighters!! We appreciate you!!  Happy Fire Prevention Week!


Are You Registered to Vote??

We are!!

Our school is participating in Kids Vote MO this year and we will all be doing some learning about voting and how we can all make our voices heard.   The first step for us was to have some super smart 5th graders come to teach us about what it means to vote for the President, what the President does, and some general info about how to register to vote.  They brought a really interesting Keynote that they shared with us on our ActivBoard (they reflected it, which is cool and something we know how to do, too!).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After we had the basic idea of what voting is all about (well, ok, we actually already know what ti means in our classroom, but our 5th grade friends added a USA layer to it…), we got busy REGISTERING to vote in the election next month.  We got actual voting cards, that we worked to fill out with our information.

Check out our cards!  We are super excited!


Now to figure out what we will vote for…I’ve kind of decided that as 6-7y0s we’re a little too young and innocent to learn about what the “big” kids are learning about the actual President, so we are planning on voting on the best book, or for a character for President using books we will enjoy together.  You know, like Elephant or Piggie, or Pigeon or even Duck!  Yep, we are big fans of Mo Willems so that would make sense.  As we get further into the process over the next few weeks, I’ll share more details.  Until then, we’re registered to vote–are you??