Meet Mrs. Cohen!

We have been lucky to have Mrs. Cohen at our school for many, many years.  I have actually been lucky enough to work with her when she was a teacher’s assistant in my 4th grade classroom, then I worked with her as a parent (I had her daughter in 5th grade!), she was most recently an administrative assistant in our office, and now we’ve the most blessed that she’s moved up to be our school counselor!!  What great fun to experience so many dimensions of a person and be so encouraged by their work in so many ways.

Well…since my first grade friends were in our school last year, most of them already know Mrs. Cohen.  But since they know her from the office, it was really important for them to be reintroduced to her in her new role.  In order to do that, she spent the last week or so visiting each classroom, bringing with her a really great lesson (differentiated perfectly for each level of kiddos) about what they can expect from her this year.

Our lesson involved a magic bag.  Kiddos got to pull things out of her bag and we’d guess (then she’d tell us) what each represented about her job, or how she’d use them throughout the day.

It’s a little hard to see all the things being pulled out of her bag, so I’ll tell you about them…

  1. Tissues–because some times you might have emotions that make you cry, happy or sad!
  2. Book–often reading a book with a kiddo is a great way to work through things
  3. Foosball–Can you believe Mrs. Cohen has a FOOSBALL table in her office??  Need I say more?
  4. Lunch boxes–sometimes Mrs. Cohen has lunch with friends; I want to be so lucky!
  5. Bouncy ball–sometimes Mrs. Cohen spends time at recess with Robinson kiddos!
  6. Ear–a great counselor like Mrs. Cohen has super listening ears and wants to hear what Robinson kids have to say (she brought that ear from her Mrs. Potato Head, which is how she introduced herself to our kindergarten friends)
  7. Heart–she’s got a big one with lots of love to share!
  8. Smile–who doesn’t love someone smiling at them and sharing a kind word?
  9. Hand–she gives GREAT high-fives!
  10. Feet (not pictured)–sometimes a kiddo might just need to take a walk, to burn off some steam, to calm down, to think through things, or just to talk.  Mrs. Cohen is available for those kinds of times. 🙂

WOW–what lucky Roadrunners we are to be able to have such a caring, thoughtful, resourceful, creative and FUN counselor to take care of us. 🙂  I’m glad I get to spend everyday at Robinson with my friend, Mrs. Cohen! How about you??


If you’ve been around here for a while, you probably know that I like a challenge.  I’ve written about a 40 Book Challenge, a blogging challenge, kid’s cup stackingmarshmallow and design challenges, and I’m not sure if I wrote about it, but I took on a half-marathon training program as a personal challenge last fall.  And so when another book challenge presented itself recently, of course I was game.  It’s just kind of how I roll. 🙂

The #classroombookaday hashtag is one I’ve seen before, and have thought about trying out, but most of the time I’ve caught it too late in the game to get started (I’m kind of an all-or-nothing person, so unless it’s the beginning of the year/month/quarter, etc., it’s hard for me to do).  This time around I had already been thinking about it before school anyway, and had been informally keeping track of our read alouds as we got into the first days of first grade.  Then, my friend Ms. Turken (@im4students@im4students) and our principal, Mrs. Sisul (@GRRprincipal), both got involved and I knew it was on.  There are bulletin boards and tons of books being read and lots of fabulous stories being shared and laughs being laughed.  I am pretty sure, too, that it’s a friendly challenge, with each of us cheering the other one on, rather than declaring a winner or counting who’s got the most (right, friends??).  I’m super excited about how it’s going already, and am interested to see what kinds of conversations come out of this kind of data collection.  I can already see TONS of math in the images I have of our door (which is where we’re tracking our books), and there are many discussions about predictions in our future, too.

Here’s our #classroombookaday data up to this afternoon; we’ve been reading since August 16, so today was day 11.


That picture makes me so happy, and I am interested to see how quickly we fill up the door.  There’s really not that much room left!  At this rate, we’ve only got about another month or so of space!  Then where will we go?? Excited to see. 🙂


What math do you see in our pictures?  Have you ever taken on a challenge?  How did it go?  What book suggestions can you make for us?  Please leave us a comment and let’s chat about it! 🙂