First Days of First Grade–2016

This is the second time in the last few years I’ve started the first day of first grade (after having been with “BIG” kids for the last decade before that, and then after looping to 2nd grade last year), and it was so fun!  Different from the last time, of course, since it’s a new year with new friends and new things to try, but some things always remain the same when you start a new school year.  I have so many things to share about our first four days, and rather than write a SUPER LONG post with LOADS of pictures, I figured I’d try what I did last year and link our first important posts to this page.  That way, you’ll just have to come back to this page if you want to find all the many things I share from our first few days (and really the next week or so, too).  I’m excited, and let me warn you in advance that there will be LOTS to read, so you might want to get your cup of coffee ready, or your snack, or just know you might have to come back and visit in little spurts.  But I promise, every minute you spend will be worth it–these kids are already doing awesome things you’ll want to know about!

Alrighty…hold on, cuz here we go!!

#FDOFG–What Do You Do With a Box?

#FDOFG–First Grade Friends

Updated Kids page

#FDOFG–Guided Discovery: Play-Doh


#FDOFG–Library Learning Commons

#FDOFG–Guided Discovery: Pattern Blocks

#FDOFG–First Grade Menagerie#FDOFG–First Grade Menagerie

Fall Book Fair Preview


#FDOFG: …and 123s

#FDOFG: Guided Discovery–Math Manipulatives

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