3 Writing Celebrations in 1 Day!!

We have been working through the writing process, using seeds we’ve put in our Writers’ Notebooks.

Screenshot 2015-10-13 20.20.44

Once we got to the end (which took WAY longer than I remembered it would!), we were ready to CELEBRATE with our friends!  The best part about what we did was that we did it with more than one class!  Mrs. Appelbaum’s class was finished with their pieces, too, so we got together.

As with many things, the way Mrs. Appelbaum did her writing celebration was a little different from me, so she taught me something new and it was super!!  First, she shared with Rm. 202 kiddos the directions her class had come up with to share their work with a partner:

IMG_5456-minThere was also a comment sheet she had come up with, where readers would give the writer feedback based on these starters: “Something I liked about your writing was…”; “Something I learned was…” and “Something I wonder now is….”  I’ve done compliment sheets before, but they’ve always been completely open-ended.  The structure of her sheet was helpful for those that needed ideas, but was also still open-ended enough for kids to make choices on how they’d respond.

From within minutes of when we started, the room was “a-buzz” with that fabulous sound of excitement, learning, and laughing as kiddos proudly shared the work they had done to create meaningful writing pieces.

This is a short video, but here’s what it sounded like:

While you can’t really get the same experience from seeing pictures of it as if you were there, I do think you can imagine the experience.  Sometimes just seeing the pride and happiness on their faces is story enough!

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Ok, these next few will look really similar, but they’re from the 2nd go-round, where Mrs. Appelbaum’s friends came to hear our writing.  We were excited to try out her “rules” and the compliment sheet on our work!

I don’t have pictures of the last share we did, but after we had practiced with the Appelbaum team, we invited our friends from Ms. Turken’s class (they’re first graders) to listen to our writing, too.  This was the first time they had been to a writing celebration and we were hoping to teach them well about how it was supposed to work.  You’d never have known they were newbies–they were writing rockstars and worked really hard to give us meaningful comments on our work!  Hopefully we can share with them again when they’re finished their own writing pieces.

Whew! What an exciting day of celebrating our hard work, our meaningful writing ideas and our using grit and perseverance to share great stories!  Way to go, Rm. 202 kids!

3 thoughts on “3 Writing Celebrations in 1 Day!!

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  2. Hello Jen and students of second class,
    We love your blog and watch it closely for great ideas. Thank you for your comment on our blog http://ourglobalclassroom.com If you take a look under our category ‘Writer’s Notebook’ you will see different things we do with our notebook. We love our Writer’s Notebook and use it for all curriculum areas to record our thinking ready for writing.
    We have a global wall where we place our friends from all over the world. We would love to add you your class. You can see our wall under 34J Classroom category.

    Thank you for sharing your great ideas on your blog.

    Kind regards

    Mrs Joyce and 3/4J in Australia 🙂

    • Mrs. Joyce and 3/4J–THANK YOU for replying to our comment. We were very excited to read your comment and dig more into your blog today. My kiddos love that we are able to connect to friends from so far away! We are excited to read more about your Writers’ Notebooks and hope to do that tomorrow. 🙂 We were interested to know that you write in them for all subject areas and might try that ourselves. We also have a question: the picture of the hut on the top of your blog, is that your school?? Or maybe it’s a house? Or is it just a picture you like? If it’s your school, you’re SUPER lucky! (That’s what Rm. 202 kiddos said today. 🙂 ). Oh, and yes–please add us to your friends list!!

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