Second Grade Read Around–Part 2

I recently posted about how Mrs. Meihaus made Read Around super for second grade.  That wasn’t the whole story….:)

Perhaps one of my favorite parts of the Read Around came after the Read Around, and it looked like this:


Isn’t that great? She saved all of our favorites from our Read Around for us until we could come back and check them out. It felt a little special that this display was right in front of the circulation desk.

Just a few more pictures that show our library fabulousness.  It’s one of our favorite places to be, and I LOVE that that’s the case.  Readers are made here. 🙂

Ok, one more.  These are new this year and can be seen all over the library (no, they’re not all pictures of me–every teacher took one LOL).


And in true Mrs. Bearden form, I was told to choose my favorite and I couldn’t do it! There are just too many great books to choose just one! Thanks Mrs. Meihaus for letting me choose 3. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Second Grade Read Around–Part 2

    • It’s funny you ask. I’m not really sure! Haven’t seen any others but I’m sure anybody else who wanted one could have one. Mrs. Meihaus is pretty great like that. 🙂

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