Second Grade Math Warm-Ups: 8-24 to 9-4 (2 weeks worth!)

We’re in the swing of some things in 2nd grade.  Math warm-ups are one of those things–just I’m not yet in the swing of writing about them!  Here are last few warm-ups we’ve been working on:


Even though we worked on this last year, many kiddos had a hard time with the answer to this question.  We’ve since been doing many things (games, two-pen tests, conversations) to help us remember (or learn!) our doubles, near doubles and combos of 10.  They all form the basis for the bigger things we’ll do with numbers later on.


While I’m not entirely sure about the order of these next few warm-ups, the concept that is highlighted in them all is certain–the importance of place value.  Here was another that many had a hard time with.  Most of their answers were “I don’t know yet...”





IMG_5297Tuesday, 9-1

This one was an easy connection to the essential question (EQ) I had asked earlier.  They had to think about place value to answer this one, knowing which numbers to add to each other.


Although not related to place value, this warm-up was related to a conversation we had had in math workshop the day before, and is definitely something all 2nd graders need to know how to do–tell time!  Often I will spiral older concepts into math warm-ups to keep them on the front of our minds!



This warm-up, although badly worded, gave kiddos a little peek into a task I would have them do later that day in math workshop.  The question was really about the most efficient way to count a big ‘ole stack of something, which they’d have to do with a pile of popsicle sticks in a group that afternoon. I was happy to see how many of them were already thinking about bundling into 10s and 20s (rather than counting them all by 1s).


The warm-up on Friday was actually the end of the lesson from Thursday, and mathematicians completed their thinking with their learning partner in their math journal, which is different from how they MWU normally works.  I love how we can adapt this structure to work for our needs!  Since many of us have been doing this for a whole year now, it was easy to make that little tweak and still have them know what to do.  In this warm-up, kiddos were asked to model the counting we had done together the day before.


3 thoughts on “Second Grade Math Warm-Ups: 8-24 to 9-4 (2 weeks worth!)

  1. Great questions. It’s a good sign when some friends have to struggle to get the answer! Struggle leads to learning. I might ask some of my 5th graders a few of these to see that they say.

    • They were definitely ones we were chewing on. I hadn’t even thought about it until just now, but I should use them again this week and see how our answers have changed, if at all….

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