Self-Portraits 2015

Remember our FABULOUS portraits from last year?  Well, we did it again.  Partly because we had free wall space, partly because we took home the ones from 1st grade, partly because we look different than we did last year at this time, and mostly because it’s a way to reconnect our old community and connect for teh rifrst time with the new friends in Rm. 202.

We found a new book this year, which spoke to the idea of how beautiful we are in our own skin, and how that skin can come in such a spectrum of colors:

IMG_5076I really wanted us to paint our portraits, but because of a planning fail, I didn’t have those supplies ready for us when it was time to work.  Instead, we used the same fabric, paper, and yarn that we used last year (plus really anything else that could be found in our room), as well as the many different colors of crayons and colored pencils we have to try to make our portraits match our beautiful selves.

Of course during the process, it was messy:

but once we were finished, and they were hanging, they were magnificent!  I love how much they look like the kiddo who made them. 🙂 (Be sure to click on the pictures to see the full-size version. 🙂 )

7 thoughts on “Self-Portraits 2015

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    • It was new to me, too! My library near home always has such a great selection, and I love their new book collection. It’s where I found that one. And since I made sure it’s on the blog, I’ll remember it for next year ! I still have it at school if you want to check it out! 🙂

  2. I confess, I first saw your post and thought I don’t recognize those kids! Oops its a book. 🙂 Great concept and teaching moment and looks like they had fun!

    • Ha! Love it! Thank you for confessing. 🙂 We’ve been talking about making mistakes and how that’s when you learn something (ask Nate about it!), so it’s perfect actually. We really had a good time making them, and I love that we can look at them every day! Thanks for your comment. It’s really what makes this blog tick. 🙂

    • Thanks! I hope to perhaps reference them or use them in a more meaningful way than we have before. They are pretty, and the experience when we made them was good, but I want to make sure it’s more than that. I want us to celebrate who we are, allow for everyone to become who they’re meant to be and learn more about each other all the time. Do you have any ideas for how to make that happen?

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