A Book Binding Machine?

I shared a couple of days ago about the class books we make that go along with our Read Aloud Timeline.   Well, today it was time to put together the books from our last 2 read alouds and so we took a little field trip to learn about this machine:

CAM01420Have you ever seen one of those?  It’s funny how excited they were to learn about how it works.  This was partly (I’m sure) because it is housed in a teacher workroom where kids aren’t allowed to go (but that we sneaked into for a few minutes!) but also because it’s just pretty cool.  And old.  I’m pretty sure it’s the same machine that’s been in that workroom for the last 20 years.  And I made books on it the last time I taught 1st grade 10 years ago.  But hey–even in this age of technology and digital learning–sometimes you just need to do things the “old school” way.  That totally works in this case. 🙂