First GradeMath Warm-Ups: Week of 12-15 to 12-19


I participated in the St. Louis Hot Chocolate 5K with my family on Dec. 14 and of course I had to use it as a context for a problem of the day!  And yes, it is a true story.  I’m really slow. 😦



We’ve been working on addition strategies, so the numbers in this one were chosen so that hopefully kids would see the 10 and use it: 6+4 =10 and then 10+7= 17.



One thing I want my mathematicians to be able to do is think flexibly about numbers.  Sometimes I give the the answer and ask them why it reasonable (or not!).



I’m not sure why I wrote the word tonight on this problem (as it doesn’t make any sense since I wrote it the next morning!), but you get the idea. 🙂  The focus was both on adding a string of numbers, as well as determining whether to add or subtract.  We’re getting really good at knowing when to add and when to take away, by thinking about the context and picturing the situation.


Friday didn’t have a math warm-up since we didn’t have math.  We had a delightful Winter Party instead!  Hope you had a great holiday break, math friends, and that you’re back into a positive January groove! 🙂

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