The Actual #10 Tooth

So I made a boo boo when I posted Charlie’s picture the other day, thinking I was more behind with tooth updates than I actually was. 🙂  He was indeed the owner of lost tooth #9 and yesterday Emily told me about the actual #10 tooth.  Not sure if it “counts,” because she lost it at home, but it’s a lost tooth nonetheless. 🙂  Congrats, Em!


First Grade Math Warm-Ups: Week of 12-8 to 12-12

So excited how these are working out, and how they lead to such great conversations during our math time.  So easy to get math brains thinking early in the day and then letting it simmer all day.  By the time we come back to it at 2:00 it somehow makes even more sense.  LOVE!



We’ve been working on doubles a lot lately, during conversations, in groups and by playing games.  The hope is that my mathematicians can then transfer that knowledge to solving problems.  This one let them give it a try.  And since you’re here, let me show you the doubles games we’ve been playing–I think we might have to make a new version of these for every season:

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