We’ve been busy-bee readers in Rm. 202!  Remember how I told you about Read-to-Self?  Well, after we figured out how to do that pretty well, it was time to add something else to our Reader’s Workshop time and our good readers toolbox.

A few days ago we started talking about how good readers sometimes work at getting better by reading to someone else.  Before we jumped in with both feet, we had a conversation about what it would look like/sound like to work well while reading to someone.  We decided you should be sitting right next to your reading friend, that you should be using quiet voices, and that there are several ways to read with your friend: both of you in the same book, each reader with a copy of the same book, or one takes a turn and then the other.  As we go through the year we’ll learn more about how to get better at helping our partner figure out words, as well as how to have deep conversations about the books we’re reading together.  For now, though, we’re getting good at the routine of read-to-someone, and having fun working on reading with our friends!


Evan and Jacob read a Black Lagoon book together.


Landen and Nate get comfy on the rug with their book.


Amelia and Millie read a dinosaur book on the rug together, too!


Sara and Makayla read at the coffee table together. Don’t you just love how great that table works with little learners? Just the right height for kneeling. 🙂


Emily and Ava each have a copy of an old favorite–Strega Nona by Tomie de Paola.


Ella Marie and Briannia share another old favorite–Clifford!


Diego and Thomas found a cozy spot in the corner to have a conversation about their book.

For kiddos–What’s your favorite part about read-to-someone?

For parents–What are your kiddos saying about read-to-someone?  What book would you choose to read if you were in Rm. 202?

For teachers–What tips do you have for using read-to-someone with first grade readers?

We want to hear from you! 🙂

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