How Do You Feel Cared For?

This week we were revisting some EQs from earlier this year as a means of reflecting on our behavior, as well as how we’re doing as a community.  One that was really interesting was “How do you feel cared for?”  There were so many different answers, and I wanted to see them all together, so I made a Tagxedo of our responses.  Here’s how it turned out:


What do you notice?  Do you notice any patterns?  How would YOU answer this question? 🙂


One thought on “How Do You Feel Cared For?

  1. I noticed that most of these ideas reflect off of the bulling program that Robinson has been doing. A lot of people don’t like to be bullied. I mean, who does?! But these things show that nobody likes to be bullied, so we should stop bulling!!!!!

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