Nipher Comes to Robinson

I know, I know. You thought I had completely forgotten I had a blog. Because it’s been MONTHS since i have posted anything. No. Instead it has just been another one of those times in life when I have had so much to do that it’s been hard to find time to sleep and breathe, much less blog. :(. So here’s to getting back on the wagon, and back in the saddle again. 🙂

On Thursday we had some special visitors:

Mrs. Johnson, the counselor at our middle school, came over to give us a taste of the fabulousness that is Nipher, and she brought some important people with her: Mr. Nelson, the Educational Support Counselor; Officer Bonner, the School Resource Officer; and some old Robinson friends that are rockin’ sixth grade (here’s a big shout-out to my pals Devan and Ames who so perfectly represented their school)!

The started by answering some burning questions.

These included things like how much time you get between classes, if there are sports to play, and how much homework to expect. Then we played a trivia game where 5th graders answered questions about their soon-to-be school. Do you know the answers?

1. What is Nipher’s mascot?
2. On what road is Nipher located?
3. How many teams are in 6th grade?
4. What famous museum is located next door to Nipher?
5. Name one core class that 6th graders take and 1 Explo class they take.
(If you know these, or want to play along, leave a comment with your answers!)

Then Mrs. Johnson explained the important job of how to register for classes for next year.


Our time ended with picking up our registration folder, and being treated to a new fancy pencil or eraser. Gotta love that!

Now….the hard part will be staying in 5th grade for a few more months. 🙂 Nipher here we come!